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The world is in a process of waking up. In spite of all chaos around us, more and more people are waking up to love and consciousness. ​Yoga and meditation are supporting transformation and helps us not to fall into the chaos but to keep focused on the light. Awake Yoga Festival is a gathering of lightbearers, lovers, mystics, truth seakers, yogis and yoginis. It´s a place for everyone who wants to take the first step in to yoga, for experienced practitioners and teachers, for adults and children. ​The Awake Yoga Festival is a place for finding your inner guru, your own truth. It´s a place to explore the wisdom of your own body and it´s natural healing capacity. ​We have a rigorous program with many different styles of yoga and music from all over the world will be sharing healing music and facilitating mantra singing. We have dance facilitators, meditation teachers and amazing healthy food that supports you on your journey. ​Give yourself this time to reboot your system or dedicate some time just for YOU. Change can never come from outside, it happens in you. Let this festival be a door to the new world of peace.

Party with consciousness Jul 11-15, 2018 | Awakeland, Portugal Awake Dance Celebration is an encounter, an opportunity to express ourselves through dancing. ​Dance is a universal language and everyone, without exception, understands and knows how to “speak”. Through the vibrations of music, Nature, environment our body expresses a movement. Sometimes, our day-to-day and all the requests that we are subjected to, often prevent us from feeling the vibrations and “going in the flow” of the body (he knows better than our mind!) … Through dance we liberate emotions and blockages, we meditate and become conscious of our body, we have fun and joy inevitably pulses through the body. Dancing is one of the best gifts that we can give ourselves. The invitation for these 5 days is: we feel the vibrations that come to us and let our body express and dance the movement that he knows and wants! No conditioning, no right or wrong, no law, just the way you know and feel at each moment. During this Awake Dance Celebration we will experiment different types of movement, from Ecstatic to African, Trance to Biodanza, Meditative to Reconnect, and much more… here we can sing, meditate, play, relax… here we all share […]

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A minha missão é ser, tal como a tua! Estou aqui para partilhar o que sou e para te estimular a ser o que és! Aos 16 anos espreitei a consciência cósmica, percebi a realidade…


Awakeland Portugal is located the foothills of the Monchique mountain, with the Atlantic ocean in sight. Between the mountains and the sea, Awakeland Portugal is one of Europe&…

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