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with Candice Leight, Deva Ashik and Kaya Jiwan A quick fix, a short intense peak, an easy sexual high. It is maybe satisfying for a moment but it doesn’t open new fields of Ecstasy. Only when we go off the beaten track, we discover new pathways and we can open for deep pleasure. Our bodies carry a huge orgasmic potential. We just have to remember how to open, how to relax and how to feel. Many times we tense up or hold back, afraid that when we open, unpleasant feelings also arise. So we block, we numb ourselves and we try to be satisfied with shallow experiences, both in sex as in life. In this retreat we invite you to step out of your comfort zone and dive with us in the world of Soul, Sex & Samadhi. SOUL In daily life we often forget to feed our soul. We are so busy with work, school & social activities, that the nourishment of our soul usually ends up at the bottom of the list. In this retreat you re-connect with your soul, your purpose, your essence. You will find your way back home, you return to who you truly are. We […]

SPIRITUAL SEXUAL SHAMANIC EXPERIENCE – Level 1 May 21 – 28, 2018 | Awakeland Portugal Welcome to the one training that will take you into the highway of BEING ALIVE. This life transforming week long journey is about empowering the life potency which derives from authentically expressed human sexuality. Unveiling the sexual nature is a path of deepening into our emotional body as well as expanding our consciousness to the extent where you can hold yourself in the center of love as a way of life. The ISTA level one training takes you through peeling the shame guilt and fear you carry around the field of sexuality and relationship. You will embody tools of powerful self-love, emotional clarity and direct authentic communication which change the way you relate to anyone and anything in your life. Opening the lower chakras supports your relationship with the world of matter, including your own body, other people, the earth, your projects and…your bank account. ​When life-force is flowing all the way from your base a new life begins and everything changes – from the way you look at yourself in the mirror, to your inner conversations, to the way you walk, dream and create your […]

In June 2018 the beautiful hillsides of Awakeland in Portugal will be transformed into a vibrant festival celebrating the best of Tantra and free natural living. You will be with a group of wonderful people in a place surrounded by beautiful nature, tasty vegetarian food and some of the best international & national facilitators who would be there to support you to join a 5 day experience to creating more intimacy in yourself, with life and in your relationships. Having a more vibrant and exciting life away from the normal constraints of our lives and minds. Meaningful and truthful, loving and blissful. Ready for various Tantra workshops, Ecstatic dance, Biodanza, singing circles, party, bonfires, Love Lounge, performances, Cacao Ceremony, cuddles, a bunch of amazing, conscious loving people, depth and joy, … ?

The world is in a process of waking up. In spite of all chaos around us, more and more people are waking up to love and consciousness. ​Yoga and meditation are supporting transformation and helps us not to fall into the chaos but to keep focused on the light. Awake Yoga Festival is a gathering of lightbearers, lovers, mystics, truth seakers, yogis and yoginis. It´s a place for everyone who wants to take the first step in to yoga, for experienced practitioners and teachers, for adults and children. ​The Awake Yoga Festival is a place for finding your inner guru, your own truth. It´s a place to explore the wisdom of your own body and it´s natural healing capacity. ​We have a rigorous program with many different styles of yoga and music from all over the world will be sharing healing music and facilitating mantra singing. We have dance facilitators, meditation teachers and amazing healthy food that supports you on your journey. ​Give yourself this time to reboot your system or dedicate some time just for YOU. Change can never come from outside, it happens in you. Let this festival be a door to the new world of peace.

Party with consciousness Jul 11-15, 2018 | Awakeland, Portugal Awake Dance Celebration is an encounter, an opportunity to express ourselves through dancing. ​Dance is a universal language and everyone, without exception, understands and knows how to “speak”. Through the vibrations of music, Nature, environment our body expresses a movement. Sometimes, our day-to-day and all the requests that we are subjected to, often prevent us from feeling the vibrations and “going in the flow” of the body (he knows better than our mind!) … Through dance we liberate emotions and blockages, we meditate and become conscious of our body, we have fun and joy inevitably pulses through the body. Dancing is one of the best gifts that we can give ourselves. The invitation for these 5 days is: we feel the vibrations that come to us and let our body express and dance the movement that he knows and wants! No conditioning, no right or wrong, no law, just the way you know and feel at each moment. During this Awake Dance Celebration we will experiment different types of movement, from Ecstatic to African, Trance to Biodanza, Meditative to Reconnect, and much more… here we can sing, meditate, play, relax… here we all share […]

Como te sentes no mundo? Sentes que muitas vezes perdes a tua identidade na interligação com os outros? É-te difícil ser assertivo(a)? Sentes-te diferente da maioria das pessoas? Tens a tendência para adiar o que te custa? É-te difícil parar o fluxo de pensamentos negativos na tua cabeça? Existem em ti crenças destrutivas e muitos medos? Não sabes como te amar a ti mesmo(a)? Se alguma ou mais perguntas te fizeram responder SIM, o curso Living Your Design, vai levar-te numa viagem onde vais compreender porque tudo isto acontece em ti e como libertar os mecanismos que geram essas situações.

Como te sentes no mundo? Sentes que muitas vezes perdes a tua identidade na interligação com os outros? É-te difícil ser assertivo(a)? Sentes-te diferente da maioria das pessoas? Tens a tendência para adiar o que te custa? É-te difícil parar o fluxo de pensamentos negativos na tua cabeça? Existem em ti crenças destrutivas e muitos medos? Não sabes como te amar a ti mesmo(a)?o Respeito.

Esta é uma das perguntas mais frequentes numa sessão de terapia: “Qual é o meu propósito de vida? Qual é a minha missão? O que me compete fazer nesta vida?” O Desenho Humano dá resposta a estas perguntas e neste workshop vamos falar de três assuntos primordiais sobre este tema: o perfil, o ambiente e a cruz de encarnação. Todos nós vimos desenhados para cumprir o nosso propósito e a vida encaminha-nos constantemente nessa direção. Mas estamos atentos? Compreendemos o que é realmente a nossa missão? Este workshop visa trazer clareza sobre esta temática e responder às questões dos participantes com base nos seus desenhos individuais. Necessário apresentar os seus dados de nascimento: data, hora e local. Duração do Workshop: das 10 às 18h (7h) Valor: 77 euros. Para reservar o lugar será necessário efetuar pagamento da inscrição no valor de 30€. Esse valor apenas será reembolsável se a realização do Workshop for dada sem efeito. Contacto para marcação da sua consulta de Desenho Humano: Cristina Oliveira – Tlm 91 721 2026 / e-mail: cristina@allaboutyou-hd.com

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A minha missão é ser, tal como a tua! Estou aqui para partilhar o que sou e para te estimular a ser o que és! Aos 16 anos espreitei a consciência cósmica, percebi a realidade…


Awakeland Portugal is located the foothills of the Monchique mountain, with the Atlantic ocean in sight. Between the mountains and the sea, Awakeland Portugal is one of Europe&…

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